Academic Clubs

Our Academic Clubs offer students the opportunity to pursue their academic interests outside of the typical classroom setting.  From our Academic Team to Physics to Phantom TV, these clubs provide students a greater understanding and appreciation for different disciplines.

Academic Team
The Academic Team competes in fast-paced knowledge tournaments in local matches against teams in the Chester County league.  During competitions, teams answer questions in categories including American and world history, science, literature, current events, geography, fine arts, and more. The top team from Chester County advances to the state championships, held every spring on the floor of the Pennsylvania Senate and broadcast statewide. Phoenixville Area High School will field both JV and varsity teams in this year’s competition and expects to distinguish itself in this prestigious competition. The Pennsylvania Academic Competition annually awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to championship teams.
Advisor: Mr. Sprenkle

Air Force JROTC
Welcome to Phoenixville Area High School Air Force Junior ROTC! PA-20142 Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) Group was established at Phoenixville Area High School in the fall of 2014 by an agreement between the Phoenixville Area School District and the United States Air Force.

The AFJROTC curriculum includes aerospace science and leadership training.  Cadet Officers and Noncommissioned Officers learn leadership and management skills by actively planning, organizing, and directing all activities associated within the PA-20142 AFJROTC Squadron. In essence, our Junior ROTC program is designed to provide young men and women the opportunity to develop and hone leadership and management skills through hands-on experience.

While it may appear that JROTC programs are designed to serve as a transition to or potentially a recruiting mechanism for military service; the national program, founded in 1912 actually was not designed to this end. The original program philosophy, which we hold still today, is simply to provide a structured and disciplined program to aid young men and women in reaching their full potential as adults and citizens of our nation. Regardless of whether our students enter the military, our success is measured in the overall development and growth of our cadets.
Advisors: Lt. Col. Baldi

Astronomy Club
The Astronomy Club is for students interested in observational astronomy. The club arranges 2-3 Star Night events in both the fall and the spring. During the Star Night events, we utilize our two telescopes to view the night sky on the upper turf. Students will learn how to use telescopes with and without tracking devices to observe features of the night sky. The club will be meeting one Friday per month with the time and location to be determined and communicated at the previous meeting.
Advisor: Mr. Jock

Chester County Futures
Chester County Futures: Open Enrollment for 9th grade: The Chester County Futures Passport to College program is an academic enrichment program for high school students in Oxford, Phoenixville, Kennett, and Coatesville Area High Schools. Chester County Futures equips and empowers our students for academic and career success through after-school classes, real-world learning opportunities, and increased access to technology. We enroll for this program in the 9th grade and the once a week meetings are virtual at this time.

After-School Academic Enrichment Classes: Passport to College offers weekly academic enrichment classes conveniently held (virtually) in area high schools. It is our one-to-one academic advisory sessions between students and staff that creates a relationship of trust and encouragement and enables our students to remain focused on their goals. Our curriculum includes activities and discussions on relevant, grade-appropriate topics, such as study skills, financial literacy, communication and collaboration, SAT prep, college selection and application, Mentor Matching, FAFSA support, and career exploration.

Real World Learning Opportunities: Students experience a wide variety of learning opportunities that not only develop life and career skills, but also adds value in the competitive college application process. We offer learning opportunities, such as: corporate site visits and workshops, community volunteerism projects, Futures College and Career Expo, and college tours and workshops.

Increased Access to Technology: To support our student's academic success, the following is provided:
• Refurbished laptops for high school juniors and seniors
• New Laptops for college freshman
• Other necessary tools, such as USB drives and calculators

More information and to apply on their website.
Contact Program Advocate: Mary Williams or 610-850-3068

Destinations with Direction
DWD is a program designed to increase awareness and motivate high-potential, economically disadvantaged students to pursue opportunities in higher education. The 30 students selected for DWD annually receive additional supports including extended school days, counseling, college mentors, tutors, weekly workshops and college tours. Additionally, school personnel establish relationships with the appropriate college level officials to help match student needs with resources and services available to assist them on this journey. By giving the students these additional supports, they will become empowered to pursue a college education. This effort will make our students believe in the importance of a college education and give them the confidence to know they have a realistic chance at becoming college graduates.
Advisor: Mrs. Lewis

Debate Club
Advisor: Mr. McAndrew

Educators Rising Club
Educators Rising is cultivating a new generation of highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path from high school through college and into their teaching careers. By working with aspiring educators who reflect the demographics of their communities and who are passionate about serving those communities through public education, Educators Rising is changing the face of teaching.  In the club, we will work with our community to try out teaching techniques, do observations, come up with (and execute) programs to learn about the field of education, and work toward the National Conference and Competitions.
Advisor: Ms. Ehrenzeller

Empowering Women in STEM
Empowering Women In STEM is intended to:
1. Provide a supportive space to share an interest in STEM.
2. Work on projects of interest to the students to improve STEM knowledge, understanding and, most importantly, STEM skills.
3, Interact with people in STEM-related fields.
4. Provide experiences for members of the club and the larger school community through STEM speakers and events.
Advisor: Mr. Jennings

Environmental Club
The Environmental Club is a service-oriented club that has been in motion for the past ten years. We are committed to empowering Phoenixville students to make our school and community more sustainable. Potential club projects for this year include helping out at a community garden, starting composting at the high school, and cleaning up around campus, among other things. With your help, we can make a huge difference in our school and community!
Advisor: Mr. Wilcox

French Honor Society
Advisor: Madame Gasbara

Future Business Leaders of America is an academic club that prepares students for careers in and outside of business. It teaches networking, interview skills, and puts an emphasis on community service. FBLA is the largest student organization in the country and the largest club at PAHS with over 100 members.
Advisor: Mrs. Fields or Mr. McCormick

HOSA is a global student-led organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services and several federal and state agencies. HOSA’s mission is to empower HOSA-Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community, through education, collaboration, and experience. HOSA actively promotes career opportunities in the health industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. Competitive events provide recognition and scholarship opportunities and prepare students for college and beyond.
Advisor: Mr. Gianni

International Youth Physics Tournament
Students work on college-level physics research projects, prepare presentations, and present/debate their projects with other physics students and professors from across the country and, potentially, the world. It is part of a national organization and involves 100's of hours of my time, so I would like to rank it at Tier 1, but there are only 21 students involved. The intense nature of it makes it hard to recruit more than 20 or so kids per year but the impact it can have on those students is very large.
Advisor: Jay Jennings

Model United Nations
Model United Nations is a club dedicated to expanding students’ minds beyond the community. Students meet once a week to discuss, debate and resolve world issues ranging from Europe’s increase in Muslim immigrants as a result of the Arab Spring, to ways to eliminate racism from the English Premier League soccer organization. The club is modeled after the real-world United Nations and gives students the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a delegate. Throughout the year, we will travel across the country to compete, debate, and grow with some of the most talented minds from across the world.
Advisors: Mrs. Son and Mr. Winters

National Honor Society
The National Honor Society serves to honor those students who demonstrate scholarship, leadership, service, and character in both the school and community. Students in good standing with at least a 3.5 GPA are invited to submit their credentials for membership.
Advisor: Mr. Winters

Spanish National Honors Society
Advisor: Megan Knaster Phantom TV Open to students in Grades 9-12.  This club creates video content for Phantom TV, the school district TV channel that broadcasts to the Phoenixville community and beyond. Video production of PASD events such as sports, concerts and other special ceremonies is the focus. Students are also involved with recording the morning announcements. As students gain more experience, they are welcome to create their own video projects. Academic credit is available. No experience is required. Just stop by the TV Studio, located in the F Wing, and introduce yourself.
Advisors: Mr. Motzer and Mr. Carucci

Reading Olympics
The Reading Olympics Club unites students who enjoy reading for pleasure and discussing books with peers. We select books from a variety of genres to read based on a list released each year, culminating in a friendly countywide competition with other schools in the spring.
Advisor: Ms. Bicker

Science Club
The goal of the Science Club is to bring people together who enjoy Science, inquiry, and different ways of thinking. The first project of the Science Club is to host an ELEMENTARY SCIENCE FAIR.  This includes planning the Science Fair and offering assistance to our youngest Scientists. The club provides the opportunity to compete against like-minded students for scholarships, recognition, academics, and opportunities. This year the club will be competing in the SCIENCE OLYMPIAD in February. The club will also go on several Science-related field trips.
Advisor: Mr. Winters
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