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PAHS Theatre Guild is pleased to announce the production of “THE SEA VOYAGE” by Fletcher and Massinger as the choice for the start of the 2018 season.

The Sea Voyage, a Jacobean comedy, tells the story of a crew of unlucky pirates and their captives who become shipwrecked on an island inhabited by a tribe of women who have adopted the Amazon way of life.  In order to keep the population growing, the women decide to keep the captured men (instead of killing them) in order to father more children; they will keep the girls, but send the boys home with their fathers.  Conflicts result as the women find more and more reasons not to put up with the men’s behavior.  Romance, swordfights and proposed cannibalism of course ensue.  It is, after all, a pirate adventure!

Performances will be Friday and Saturday, November 16th and 17th at 7 pm, and Sunday November 18th at 2 pm.  Tickets are $7 for students and $10 for adults, and will be available at the door or through the Seat Yourself link below.

For more information, please contact Marion Ballantine or Christine Tavani.
sea voyage

Cast List PAHS Theatre Guild 2018 Fall Play Production of 
THE SEA VOYAGE by John Fletcher & Philip Massinger

              THE SHIPWRECK

Albert, Alek Wasserman
Aminta, Rachel Nolen
Tibalt du Pont, Domonyck Reeder
Master of the Ship, Charlie Swomley
First Mate, Frankie Reo
Boatswain, Colin Proctor
Lamure, Brennan Becker
Franville, Jack Kramer
Morillat, Connor Hesse
Surgeon, John Cox
Ship’s Cook, EJ Soto
Bruno (Sailor), Aidan Hathaway
Bernard (Sailor), Spencer Baumann-Erb
Benoit (Sailor), Nakialee Latimore
Raimond, Noah Bloom


SebastianMatt Duff
NicusaWilliam Stotler
RosellaCharis Singletary
ClarindaMorgan Bieler
CrocaleLogan Breunig
HippolitaSophie Sullivan
JulettaKyra Bernotas
Diana (Scout)Ocean Swomley
Ariadne (Scout)Phoebe Groves
Etta (Scout)Camryn Lydon
Alda (Guard)Katie Kramer
Beatriz (Guard)Geena Sterritt
Calista (Guard)Courtney Schlosman
Dulce (Guard)Wendy Doonan
Estella (Guard)Maggie Schoolik
Francesca (Guard)Elizabeth Kolb

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