Comparative Theology

Religion has a tremendous effect on the world. From the founding of America to modern terrorism, religion has been the driving force behind many influential actions. Living in Phoenixville, we see only a tiny fraction of the immense diversity in culture and worship that our planet has to offer.
In the Comparative Theology Club, we would primarily do three things: learn about different religions, such as Sikhism or Scientology; observe trends and common threads throughout religion, such as marriage traditions or death rituals; and discuss specific issues such as the global influence and perceived importance of religion.
The goal for the club would be to introduce new ideas to peers and provide them with the information they need to form educated opinions about the world around them. Through Comparative Theology Club, we could discuss the relationship between the three main Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), the origins of terrorism, and how to combat the American anti-Muslim attitude.
The club has generated a large list of possible discussion topics, and narrow that list down to one relevant and interesting topic per meeting. We would meet approximately once every week, possibly on Tuesdays, during the built-in half-hour period after school. This will change to accommodate the group and the members’ needs.
The club is an opportunity for discussion-based conversations and personal research on these topics. Through the creation of the Comparative Theology Club, it is hoped to introduce a new perspective to Phoenixville students and make Phoenixville Area High School a more accepting and educated environment.

 Julie Shaw

Meeting Times:  every other Wednesday in I14
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